OpenHAB2 – Upgrading my home auto system

Last weekend I finally took some time to get my home automation system upgraded. I recently had some problems, like not being able to access it remotely anymore. I’m also planning some features that are way easier to realize with OpenHAB2.

The first version of OpenHAB2 got released in January 2017, but has been tested for multiple months now. The main features for me are as follows:

  • Out of the box support for REST-calls
  • Easy integration with
  • Modernized UI (in fact they provide multiple systems for different usecases)
  • HABmin is integrated out-of-the-box

The best thing however is that it’s really easy to install. With a pre-configured Raspberry Pi2 image called Openhabian I was able to set up a new instance of OpenHAB in just a few minutes. Most of my existing configurations could be used without modification, just a few rules needed to get upgraded.

Overall I’m quite happy: Everything works as I want to, in addition I can play with a few new things.


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