First Java steps: Writing an Android App

For my new job at Ubimax I need to improve my Java knowledge. I was tinkering around for the last weeks and got to know the language itself, the class library and some technologies like Spring. I also tried different tools, so far I really like IntelliJ and I’m impressed with the amount of tools to improve code quality like Findbugs or Checkstyle.

Playing around just goes that far and soon I needed a project where I could apply what I’ve learned. Luckily I was in need for a very specific usecase: During the last months I accumulated a lot of overhours and Rheinmetall wants me to use them all till my last day. I first calculated manually how many hours I needed to work each day to reach 0 overhours on the last day, but why do this if there’s an app for that?


I created a small and simple Android app called “AppBummler”, based on a German word that describes spending overhours and working less. Just for the sake of it I put it into the Play Store. Feel free to test it out, but it’ll probably not be of any use for a lot of people.

2 thoughts on “First Java steps: Writing an Android App

  1. Nice! I spent much time recently playing around with Android, java, and Kivy. I was hoping to get a version of ErgMate running on Android. I’m ready to port over the ErgMate business logic. It needs some refactoring to play music, sounds, and voice on Android. Apparently there is a way to run pygame on android using Kivy…. Congratulations on your new job too.

  2. Thanks a lot Kevin, nice to hear from you! I’m currently trying to connect the erg via Bluetooth Smart, though not sure what I’ll do with that then. Perhaps implement a 100k km counter or something similar.

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