Using Conan C++ in professional software development

Back in October I got the chance to write a guest blog post over at the Conan-Blog about how we’re using Conan at work.

Hopefully someone finds use in it. Conan really helped us pushing our C++ dev environment onto a new level.

I assume that I’m the first Rheinmetall employee who wrote a public blog post about how stuff is handled internally. #neuland 😀

2 thoughts on “Using Conan C++ in professional software development

  1. Hello Mr. Nils Brinkmann.
    My name is Yaroslav Slipchuk and I`m software developer at Heinzmann GmbH.
    Many thank you for the post.
    Unfortunately, diagrams in your post are not showed.
    Could you send me those two diagrams?

    Could you give me advice, do you see sens to use conan in embedded software which are written in C/ASM languages?

    Thanks you.

    1. Hi Yaroslav,

      Yes, I’d not go without a proper package and dependency management anymore. Conan is the the best option in terms of support and flexibility in my eyes. I’m afraid I don’t have those diagrams available anymore.

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