A new chapter in my life

Recently a lot is going on in my life. Two things stand out:

My son is born!

Finally on Dec 2nd 2016 my son Mattis was born. The last weeks were tiring, but it’s totally worth it! I’m so looking forward to all the things I’ll be doing with him. He’s currently in a phase where he’s sleeping in a baby carrier every evening, so it’s perfect for me to carry him around and do all the things with him.

Writing a blog post while carrying your son? – Check!

I’m changing jobs!

After 10 years working for Rheinmetall I felt that a change was more than overdue. In the last 2 years I got the chance to lead a very talented team of junior and senior developers – which was great. The only problem was that as soon as we wanted to do something outside of our small team we were restricted by all the downsides that come with large, unflexible companies: Legacy code, complex processes, office politics and more. It was very frustrating to have such a great progress and collaboration, just to get stopped every time by outside factors.

Timing’s everything, and somehow a small company from Bremen got it all right. After another very frustrating day in the office I got contacted by the CEO of Ubimax and from the first moment on it sounded very interesting. The technical side is very interesting and the working environment sounds awesome.

I’ll start by April, but I’m already working on learning everything I can. They’re mostly working on a Java-based technology stack – A thing I do not have a lot of experience with. So far it’s great, it’s much easier to write good quality code with an interpreted language.


I’m planning on being more active in the blog, hope this time it works out. I think that plotting down the things I’m learning is a good read for every reader, but also a good reminder for myself. I also hope that ta Ubimax I can be a bit more open with what I’m doing – in the defence sector everything is regulated and I had to be very careful on what information I share. We’ll see how this works out.

Quote of the day:

C++ is a very good language for writing efficient software, but not for writing software efficiently. – Jendrik Kretschmann (though I do not know where he picked it up)


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