OpenHAB: Let the washer notify you when it’s finished

Our washing machine is located in the back of the house. This is sometimes a problem when we forget that we turned it on. Unfortunately it’s not one of those models that beep loudly when finished, it just stays there and let’s the wet clothes get stinky.

Thanks to OpenHAB I’m now able to get notified onto my Android phone whenever the washer is finished washing. I previously set up the OpenHAB remote service available via You need to install their addon, create an account and fill in the secret key of your OpenHAB installation. After that you can connect the official Android App with that service and access your OpenHAB on the go.

I also had to set up a Persistence config that stores the values of my items. I used the mysql addon with a local mysql-db. I used this tutorial to get it up and running.

I used a Fibaro wall plug to check the energy consumption of the washer. Find the configs on Pastebin:

Whenever the energy consumption goes up, the rule switches into the “Washer is active” state. If then the washer uses no energy for about 2 minutes, it goes into the “Washer is finished” state. Thanks to the Android App I’m getting notified whenever the state changes.

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