Installing OpenHAB onto the Raspberry Pi 2

Installing OpenHAB onto the Raspberry Pi 2 is quite straight-forward. There was just one little problem I experienced that wasn’t documented anywhere. These are the steps I followed:

  • Install Raspbian Jessie onto the Raspberry Pi 2
  • Configure the system itself: Extend the partition, enable SSL access etc. There’s tons of documentation online for this step.
  • Install OpenHAB. I followed the official documentation and everything worked like expected
  • Attention: Now there was an issue which I do not notice at first: When using the above steps to install OpenHAB the user permissions aren’t set up correctly. I had to configure the openhab user as the file-owner manually:
chown -R openhab: /etc/openhab/
chown -R openhab: /usr/share/openhab/
chown -R openhab: /var/log/openhab

After all these steps I was able to start up OpenHAB and everything worked like expected. However there wasn’t much to see, I hadn’t configured any items or sitemaps yet.

To change this I first install HABmin1 and HABmin2. I’d recommend to install both versions in parallel, as they have very different features that are mostly useful in just one of the versions. I had to install the current source versions as the latest releases were a bit dated. The installed OpenHAB version was 1.7.1, while the latest release for HABMin was meant for 1.5.0.

In addition I used apt-get to install the zwave binding. Pretty straight forward again. I added the address of my ZWave stick (/dev/ttyACM0 on my system) and got it running. With the help of HABmin and some experimenting I then was able to get my components connected and running.

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