Unreal Engine is free – and it’s great!

Epic Games recently announced that their Unreal Engine is available for free now. There are certain limitations when using it commercially, but these are far from being a limitation.

During the day I watched a lot of videos on the Epic Youtube-Channel, I also tried a few different things and discovered /r/unrealengine on reddit. I’m very fascinated by how complex, but well-thought the software is. I’ve rarely seen something big like that which also seems to simply work. I’m still working on getting a general overview to see the whole potential.

Perhaps it’d be worth it to remake DynRow in the Unreal Engine? There would be a lot of advantages I could see right now, like being able to support multiplatforms out of the box (Windows, Android, iOS, …) or having all these mighty tools in the background to help me developing it. Of course it would be perfect to have such high fidelity graphics available. What about a rowing simulation with VR support?

I’m hyped, let’s see what’ll be possible.


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