Just implemented Record & Replay

DynRow now records the users workout-data to a SQLite database during the session. This has several advantages:

  • Ghost Bot: This one is already implemented. There is a new Bot available which is able to read the SQLite data and apply it. The result is an opponent which rows exactly like the user rowed during a previous workout
  • Share workout: This is kind of related to the Ghost Bot. Users are now able to share their saved workouts with others. This means that it is possible to row against your rowing buddies or athletes you want to compete with
  • Better testing: I’m currently just creating data on the fly when no erg is connected. Though this is a good way to test the basic functionality it is always better to have real-life testing data. By being able to integrate previous workouts as a way to test it is now possible to easily reproduce certain bugs
  • Statistics: A workout application without the ability to generate complex statistics is not really exciting. By recording everything the user does during workout the foundation of generating statistics is now laid

One thing is also a bit related, but’ll need a bit more work to get it running: The ability to share the rowing data online during the workout. This would essentially allow to row against others in realtime over the internet. This feature is not planned as of yet, but it won’t be impossible to realize.


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