Introducing Boomerang Bots

I fixed a lot of different issues with DynRow in the last days, but one feature stands out: I created Boomerang Bots. These bots are rowing with a constant pace until they get out of a certain range. Then they’ll reduce or increase speed to stay near the player.

This way it is possible to have different bots around the player for the entire exercise. This adresses one of the bigger problems I had with the available rowing software: I set up an opponent with a certain speed. In the beginning of the workout the opponent stayed near the boat and was a good motivation to keep going. Sometime during my workout however I was able to row faster than the bot or the bot was rowing away – I was basically rowing on my own for the rest of the time.

Boomerang Bots forgive smaller pauses the player does, they also keep up when the player has a good day and is rowing faster than expected.

Here’s a video I made: Youtube

So what’s next? I started refactoring the inner working and will do that primarily during the next days. I also want to make everything more user-friendly. Currently there’s no starting screen and the user needs to alter the code to set up his workout.


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