Today I learned: Naming is important

During the try to get some publicity for Brofiler CxxProf I got a lot of feedback regarding the name. I already knew that ‘Bro’ was kind of negative, but I did not think that it was that bad. After different native speakers told me to change the name better sooner than later I started thinking about alternatives. My first idea ‘Afro Profiler‘ wasn’t probably the best, though I can image that there is a lot of potential for marketing material and GUI designs.

I decided to go with the rather boring, but lot more professional CxxProf. As there are probably no users at all, it was pretty simple to change everything to the new name.

Sidenote: I also learned about the project octokit, which was originally named ‘Octopussy‘ after the famous James Bond movie. In relation to that name ‘Brofiler’ wasn’t that bad after all…


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