Problems with the NSA 325v2 SSH Login

NOTE: I’ve written about getting SSH access in another related post.

I recently installed some additional tools onto my NSA 325v2 by using the following command:

# slacker -UaA uli:nano uli:aspell6-de uli:screen mz:htop mz:nmon

These are more or less fundamental Linux tools, there is an explanation on what these tools to on (German).

After installing these tools I tried to reconnect via SSH, but after entering Username and Password got the following error message:

/ffp/etc/profile: Permission denied

I was able to use the connection, but obviously my profile wasn’t loaded and therefore some environment variables etc weren’t initialized. After some googling I found the problem and its easy solution:

One of the above setups reset the access right of my /ffp/etc directory. The result was that my default user wasn’t allowed to load his profile anymore. Simply process the following commands to fix that:

# su
# chmod 755 /ffp
# chmod 755 /ffp/etc

Then you can relogin and everything should work again (at least it did for me). I think the problem was that I installed the above software with my root account, so the directory rules were rewritten to that user.

Update: As user picard notes in the comments, the installation of the tools are probably not the cause of the problem. If you experienced similar issues please take the time to write about it in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Problems with the NSA 325v2 SSH Login

  1. What I did was the following:
    – Login via Putty with user admin
    – Trying to perform the above command
    – Seeing that I need root
    – Using ‘su’ to switch to the root user
    – Entering the command again
    – Everything installed as expected, but I did not try to start any of these tools
    – Logout

    Some hours later I wanted to try if the tools work. I wasn’t able to login and did the above to solve the problem. I would not exclude that trying to install as ‘admin’ caused some trouble.

    1. hello monsdar,

      i think the different are login as root/admin.

      i have made a simple test

      login admin:
      admin@NSA325:~$ touch /ffp/tmp/testadmin
      touch: cannot touch `/ffp/tmp/testadmin’: Permission denied

      login root:
      root@NSA325:~# touch /ffp/tmp/test
      root@NSA325:~# ll /ffp/tmp/
      total 0
      -rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 Dec 11 11:35 test

      it seems as if admin does not have the necessary rights.

      thank you for your note, I’ll adjust my instructions.

  2. hi,
    i’m not able to connect anymore. zyxel nsa325 v2 answers to the ping request and works fine (as media server, as file sharing, as download client .. ) but when i try to connect to the device with putty i obtain “connection refused”. i make a full reset of the device and i still obtaining “connection refused”.
    some advices?

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