Installing Fonz fun_plug onto the NSA 325v2

I recently made myself a gift for christmas by buying a NAS. Because of its low price and the great support for Open Source software I chose the Zyxel NSA325v2, which is a slightly improved version of the NSA325.

The Zyxel NAS provides a lot of useful services, but there is a lot more under the hood. There runs a Linux on the NAS which could be accessed via SSH, there then is a lot more freedom. One could for example install a Subversion server onto it.

To get the SSH access a software called Fonz fun_plug needs to be installed. As the default way of deploying it did not work for me, I’m posting the steps I took here:

  • Download ffp_0.7_arm_004.zpkg from the Zyxel FTP server. This is the package which will be installed via the package manager.
  • Download the ZYPKGS from the same FTP server. This is a configuration file which contains the installable packages. Usually this file will be downloaded from the Zyxel-servers along with the packages.
  • As we do not want the automatic download of the ZYPKGS (and therefore our file being overwritten), the internet connection of the NAS needs to be disconnected (do not disconnect it from the LAN, as we need to access it via the web-interface)
  • Now put the 2 files onto the NAS. If you named your storage ‘Volume1’, as it is by default, you need to put it into the following path:
  • At last we need to install the package: Visit your web-interface, enter the management area and see if there is the ffp package available in your package list. Again: Disconnect your internet connection. If the installation stops at 5% and the list rebuilds without FFP being in the list anymore, you downloaded a new ZYPKGS file from the web.
  • After the installation you can connect via SSH. I recommend PuTTY for that. Username is ‘admin’, your password is the one you set up as your Administrator-password for the web-interface.

Now that you have SSH access to the internal Linux on your NAS you have the whole world of modification on your feet. To get more infos you could take a look at the following links:


17 thoughts on “Installing Fonz fun_plug onto the NSA 325v2

  1. After wasting a couple of hours trying to get FFP installed, I finally made it here, and you fixed it for me. Many thanks 🙂

  2. On a side note, logging into the NAS325V2 vis putty might require the username “root” and your usual passowrd for certain things (In my case Plex)

  3. Thanks for the hint to disable network connection! I noticed what was going wrong (kept redownloading the bad ZYXEL file) but didn’t think to do that… duh. I did it slightly differently, as it’s not that easy for me to completely disable internet connection — instead I just temporarily added a line in the /etc/hosts file (su – root, enter pw, vi /etc/hosts) to point the ftp back to ourselves, where obviously we can’t download that file. The entry looks like this:
    and then delete that line after the installs are done.

  4. d’oh, wordpress got all clever and formatted the URL — it should just be the hostname in the hosts file, i.e. ftp dot zyxel-tech dot de at the end of that line.

  5. \O/
    Tried the FFP stick method and failed. Gave up after a few hours.

    This worked first time, and am currently installing Plex!!!!

    Thank you!!!

    1. I just disconnected my internet cable. That way my desktop computer could still reach the NAS locally, but the NAS wasn’t able to reach something outside of my network.

  6. Hey there! I don’t know if this blog is still active but I struggle a lot to install PLEX server on my NSA325 and seems like your article is the solution. Only thing is, I can’t find these 2 files anywhere on the Internet. Any chance you could upload ffp_0.7_arm_004.zpkg and ZYPKGS somewhere?
    Is the firmware version of my NSA important to do this?
    Thank you so much for the help!

    1. Hey, sorry for the late response. I found the ffp_0.7_arm_004.zpkg on Google Drive here: There’s also info available about the ZYPKGS in various posts around the internet, here’s an example:

      It’s not as easy as just downloading the files from Zyxel, but with a bit of hacking and help of Google Translate it should be possibleto get it running.

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