Oculus Rift and DirectX

After my first lines of code yesterday I started playing around with DirectX today.

My goal is to make the VBS2 GameEngine, where I have access to the D3DXdevice, compatible with the Oculus Rift. As my knowledge of DirectX itself is very fundamental, I first started with some research on that end. I stumbled upon the great DirectX Tutorial by Chris Hanson. The free part easily provided enough information to get started.

After the skeleton of a DirectX-application was created I was able to integrate the OculusSDK in a similar way as I did yesterday. There were minor problems where I had to transform the given orientation to suit the format DirectX is expecting it, but in the end it worked out well.

With the help of a great software called Oculus Overlay I was able to bring my demo onto the Rift and look around that cube I just created.

The next step will be to apply the barrel distortion myself, that should give me all the control I need to finetune the Rift-experience. I forked the Biclops driver by Josh Lieberman for that, but I’m still working on getting it going.

You can see my current state of this project on GitHub. Feel free to contribute your ideas.

UPDATE: It’s working since some time now, but I can’t make the code open source since it is part of a project in my company now.


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