Let’s bake some Raspberry Pi!

Yesterday my Raspberry Pi arrived!

The RPi is a low-cost Linux-based ARM computer which is capable of doing a lot of things.

Between all the great things you can do, I ordered mine primarily to create a multi-emulator system using RetroPie and Emulation Station. Just imagine sitting on the couch with your friends and playing a good round of SNES Mario Kart on your FullHD TV. After that you just switch over to GameBoy Color and play some Pokemon or Zelda.

My setup looks like the following:

  • Raspberry Pie 2.0 Rev B
  • Logitech K400 wireless
  • Xbox 360 Wireless (4 Gamepads)
  • HDMI connection to my PC
  • LAN connection to my router

The installation of RetroPie is very easy and well-documented on a lot of other sites. After that you’ll have a basic emulation system, I’ll write a separate blog post about how I configured everything to fit my needs.


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