Why Github is making OpenSource so much better

Shame on me, I just recently used GitHub for the first time. I thought it’s just another code-hosting platform and I never had the need to set up a Git repo. Man was I wrong!

The real feature of GitHub is not the hosting of your code, but making it easy to contribute. In the past if you wanted to commit to a open source project you had the following steps to do:

  1. Check out the repo
  2. Edit the code, integrate new features or fix bugs
  3. Create a diff
  4. Get in contact with the original developers, send them your patch
  5. Hope your code gets accepted (they need to find the feature/fix useful, you need to pass quality tests, …)
  6. Wait some time until you see your code making it into the release


With Github the whole process changes:

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Make your changes (you can make smaller changes directly in the browser)
  3. Commit your code to your local fork, issue the pull request to the original project

It’s way easier to commit to projects this way, I found myself browsing different projects and commiting small changes here and there. This is what Open Source should be about!


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