State Plugin for Supybot

I needed the ability to store the state of certain systems and components. Because there wasn’t exactly what I’ve been searching for I implemented a State-Plugin myself. As always you can find it on Google Code.


#load the plugin
<MOnsDaR> @load State
<MOnsDaR> @list state
<Android> add, list, remove, removesub, and state

#add a component with subcomponents
<MOnsDaR> @state add Supybot-Plugins Subversion OK
<MOnsDaR> @state add Supybot-Plugins Announce OK
<MOnsDaR> @state add Supybot-Plugins State Tests failed

#check the state
<MOnsDaR> @state Supybot-Plugins
<Android>  -- Supybot-Plugins --
<Android> |    | Subversion | OK
<Android> |    | Announce | OK
<Android> |    | State | Tests failed
<Android> The operation succeeded.

The output is also enhanced with colors and some bold/nonbold-typing.


One big feature is that it’s simple – and therefore flexible. You can add components in a system-wide context or add very specific components with all their  minor features as subcomponents.

Of course you can use this plugin to manually set the state of certain components. But the real power comes when it is combined with your Test-Environment or Continuous Integration (Jenkins anyone?). This way you can automatically generate an overview about components and their subsystems.

Google Code: Link


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