Easy Access: IRC WebClient KiwiIRC

One of the main problems I have with introducing IRC in my office is to get everyone involved. A big problem is that one has to install an IRC client to access the network. Therefore I decided to install a WebIRC client at our internal network.

I had some experience with WebIRC clients in the past: often they were complicated to use and difficult to maintain. I was surprised when I stumbled across KiwiIRC. It is based on Node.js and works a lot with HTML5 features, so your users should have access to browsers which can handle that. Did I mention that it’s open source?

It’s quite easy to get it running, I just needed 15 minutes for everything. Install node.js on the system and follow their manual to build Kiwi on top of that. As my server is a Windows 7 machine I wasn’t able to start it via their ./kiwi executable, I had to call ./server/client.js build and ./server/client.js start directly.

You can access Kiwi at http://localhost:7778 at your local server if you haven’t changed anything network-related in your config.js.

Now everyone can join IRC without installing anything on its system. Once a user gets used to it, he could install a native client and access the more advanced features. Another big point is that I’m able to show everyone the advantages of IRC directly on their desktop. A lot of people are currently peeking into IRC who I would say wouldn’t have made the step if they would have to install a client first.


2 thoughts on “Easy Access: IRC WebClient KiwiIRC

  1. Hello, I am running an IRC server and would like to run KIWIIRC on my machine. The OS is Windows, but i do not exactly understand what to do in in kiwiirc installation in windows. What exactly should I download from this git,here to put these commands and how to connect it with node.js. Could You please help me and give some advice? greetings Brut

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