Remind Plugin for Supybot

Today I stumbled across a new usecase where the Bot could have helped me:

A colleague has had birthday yesterday and I totally forgot it… It would be a huge feature if the bot could remind the users of certain events and appointments automatically. In the #supybot channel the user Saha pointed me to a Remind plugin he is using.

As the official supybot-page is not online anymore, I had to search through various Git-Repos and finally found it.

<@monsdar> @load Remind
<@monsdar> @remind me in 10 s to Write a blog post about this
<Android> monsdar: Okay, will remind in 10 seconds (id: 4113)
<Android> monsdar: Write a blog post about this

It occurs that it currently just supports reminding specific users. I guess I’ll add the ability to remind entire channels in the next days. That way a development team could have their own channel and get reminded for “the Milestone 1.0 feature show” or whatever.

To get a better support for birthdays or other recurring appointments it would also be nice to have a feature for that, shouldn’t be a big hassle to integrate that into the plugin.


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