Info Plugin for Supybot

To make spreading information easier I created a Supybot plugin for creating some sort of reference. Instead of talking about what it is and what it does I think a little usage log will get you the idea:

<monsdar> @load Info
<monsdar> @info add InfoPlugin Details This plugin displays information about a certain topic
<monsdar> @info add InfoPlugin URL
<monsdar> @info add InfoPlugin Author Nils Brinkmann

<monsdar> @info add monsdar Name Nils Brinkmann
<monsdar> @info add monsdar Blog

<monsdar> @info list
<@Android> monsdar: InfoPlugin
<@Android> monsdar: monsdar

<monsdar> @info InfoPlugin
<@Android> Information for InfoPlugin:
<@Android> URL:
<@Android> Details: This plugin displays information about a certain topic
<@Android> Author: Nils Brinkmann

<monsdar> @info monsdar
<@Android> Information for monsdar:
<@Android> Blog:
<@Android> Name: Nils Brinkmann

<monsdar> @info remove monsdar
<monsdar> @info list
<@Android> monsdar: InfoPlugin

What you can see above is how I add the topics ‘InfoPlugin’ and ‘monsdar’ to the list of items. If a user now wants to get some information about these items he simply could use ‘@info monsdar’ to get the details.

My Usecase is to provide information and reference links about different development teams, projects or components. The use for a team called SUPY which develops supybot plugins could be as the following:

<monsdar> @info SUPY
<@Android> Information for SUPY:
<@Android> Team-Channel: #supy
<@Android> Head: Sergej Ferlich
<@Android> Supybot:
<@Android> Details: Development of Supybot plugins

A big advantage is that modern IRC clients are highlighting links and channels directly. So if someone needs the channel of the team, he can simply use ‘@info SUPY’ and then doubleclick the channelname.

As you can see it’s easy this way to create a shared reference where everything can be accessed by everyone interested.

Project: Google Code

Doc: Install and Usage


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