Let’s use IRC

Last week at work I talked to some coworkers about different communication problems we have:

  • It is difficult to make announcements to project teams. We have Email, but it is easy to forget someone or to mail someone who isn’t interested.
  • Project teams have no base where they can discuss certain things. Of course we could do meetings more often, but they’re very time consuming.
  • We have a lot of tools (Subversion, Jenkins CI, Polarion Bugtracker, Wikis, …) which continuously generate information. There is no centralized point where this information is gathered. We want that every team member always has an overview of what is going on – without him having to visit several different webpages and tools.
  • We want a unified interface to display information of future tools. We need a solution which is so flexible that we could integrate almost every service into it.

There were other reasons, these are the ones I have in currently in my mind. After talking about these issues a bit we came to the same conclusion: “Let’s use IRC”

As we have a big Easter weekend starting today I decided to jump right into it and build an IRC-based solution myself. I’ll blog about the progress, feel free to participate.


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