Useful supybot plugins in an office environment

Supybot is an IRC Bot which comes with a lot of useful addons. However not all of the provided addons are useful in an office environment, so I decided to create a list of useful plugins. You can find a short introduction about using IRC Bots in another blog post.

Core modules

Plugin Description
Admin The admin module is used to manage the channels where supybot is in. It also is possible to manage automatic rights management
Alias With the alias addon it is possible to define short commands for otherwise complex expressions. Chained commands can also be aliased, therefore you can create new functionality with this command. See the supybook for some examples
ChannelLogger This plugin creates Logfiles of all channels the Bot is in. Will be helpful if something has being said that should be remembered
Config Needed to access the configuration via the Bot
Format Used to format text. Useful when combined with other addons
Misc Contains different commands, like a help-system or listing available commands
Owner Manages administrative tasks like exiting the Bot or sending global messages
Plugin Provides different operations for the loaded plugins, like listing them or showing what they do
Scheduler Use this to perform certain commands at specific times. Works best in combination with other plugins (of course)
Services This plugin will connect the Bot to NickServ and ChanServ. This way the Bot uses a registered nickname and keeps its rights
Status Provides status information about the Bot
Time Prints the current time in different formats. Useful to chain with other commands
User Administrates users and their rights directly via the Bot (no config editing needed)
Utilities Contains commands which are useful for other plugins

Additional modules

Plugin Description
Dict With dict it is possible to ask for translations directly via IRC
News Allows to define news for a certain channel. Good to keep everyone up to date
Note Can be used to send notes to other users. This way it is possible to leave messages for coworkers
RSS Another way to provide regular news on certain items
Seen Useful to see when certain users left
Todo Personal Todo-lists for every user
Topic Manage the channel topic
URL Stores URLs in a separate database. Provides an easy to use interface for finding URLs that have been posted
Web Different commands to get information about webpages

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